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Suicide Hell

Thriller / Horror

Film Screenplay  - 85 pages


After being pushed to his death by his guardian angel, a suicidal man experiences life in his hell in a celestial attempt to show him the high stakes of damnation as well as to convince him that his earthly existence is precious.


"Shutter Island" meets "What Dreams May Come".

A Heavenly Interception (Film) & Anarchy of Angels (TV Series):  

Thriller / Horror

My TV series titled "Anarchy of Angels"  has  been completed under the direction of Producer Bonnie Solomon. 

My Film Screenplay "A Heavenly Interception" has been completed under the direction of Producer John Crye.

Works Completed include:


  • Film Screenplay  - 105 pages

  • TV Series Pilot – 60 pages

  • TV Series Bible

Anarchy of Angels is a one-hour-long paranormal thriller TV Series adapted from my trilogy of books also titled Anarchy of Angels.

​A Heavenly Interception is a 105 page Screenplay also adapted from my trilogy of books.

In the midst of an apocalyptic war between angels and demons, an angry young sceptic and a good-natured priest-in-training are tasked by Archangel Michael with delivering two heavenly orbs of light into the darkest depths of Hell. With the extinction of Heaven imminent, the success of the Angelic Mission is crucial in allowing the Angels to retaliate and invade Hell.

We explore the beginning and evolution of Hell, the threat of war against Heaven, the making of Earth ((TV Series onlyexplicitly for the survival of Heaven) and Heaven’s retaliatory plan to fight back (which involves the help of 2 very special souls).
The interpersonal relationship triangle will be one between Heaven and Hell and also of their respective influences to those living on Earth.
Lucifer is at war with Heaven. There is nothing that will stop Lucifer from gaining power and control over the land that he was once cast out from.
And the angelic mission handed to Tony and Jack would have them undertake a quest to venture into Hell and back.
The visual style will be creative and vibrant, introducing a fresh look to Heaven and Hell.
The contemporary storyline, meant for the broader audience, will span over locations on Earth, Heaven and Hell.


The setting features two different planes of existence, the physical and spiritual worlds.
The physical world takes place in a variety of locations such as homes, schools, church, hospitals, parks and in towns and cities on Earth. (the story can be adapted to any city / town).
The spiritual world takes place in the vast landscape that is Heaven and Hell. Pivotal to these two realms is the Transitional Border, a dark wall that reaches endlessly to the sky, separating good from evil.



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